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Arkansas Association of Community Colleges

Scholarship Support Program


Wesley College is working with community colleges in Arkansas through the Arkansas Association of Community Colleges, college presidents, and student government associations to connect students across two continents and help support Wesley College student’s dreams of accessing higher education.


This program will connect student government associations at various community colleges in Arkansas with students at Wesley College. The student government association will then also work to raise funds to financially support students who are in need of a scholarship to attend Wesley College.


In Tanzania government aid is only for students seeking bachelor degrees leaving those trying to work their way up through a technical education system, students who are often more impoverished and in greater need of remedial education, out of luck. In addition the average family income for students attending Wesley College is only $75 a month, with almost 60% of students being first generation college students. This results in a very narrow path to higher education for these students and this program will not only open up that path for many students, but connects them directly with friends from half-way around the world who helped support them in their educational endevour.


Program Highlights:
  • Teleconferencing through Skype or another program will open up a new world for both Arkansas and Tanzanian students.

  • $2000 a year covers tuition, room, and board for a student.

  • Scholarship support would be for one year with an opportunity to renew the commitment for additional years.


If you want to know more about our students please check out some of our student stories here.


If you have more questions about this program contact Dr. Ed Franklin at efranklin@aatyc.org or Rev. Eric Soard at esoard@wesleycollegetz.com.





Is there anything that the scholarship does not cover?


The scholarship does not cover books, medical insurance, or student fees.


What if a single student government is unable to raise the entire $2000 amount?


If a student government is unable to raise the full amount they can contribute what they are able to, still participate in the program, and we will simply combine the donations from other schools to make up a full scholarship.


How are students selected to received scholarships at Wesley College?


There is a scholarship selection committee at Wesley College which considers academic strength, financial need which is often assessed by family income and ability, and lastly leadership potential.


What do students have to do in order to maintain their scholarships at Wesley College?


Students have to maintain a minimum GPA, not be involved in any disciplinary cases, and maintain an 85% class attendance rate.