from principal eric soard:

how community will get us through

When COVID-19 became a reality in Nashville, Tennessee, where I am right now, I wondered what the long-term outcome would be. When the stay-at-home orders began, I wondered what it would do to our communities. As stories started to trickle in, I heard many uplifting stories of people helping each other out.  Unfortunately, I also heard stories of people starting to hoard, looking out for themselves, and not acting neighborly.

I have always believed that it is our communities that will get us through. As stimulus funds are starting to be disbursed, I would hope that these funds can help our communities. First and foremost, I hope that funds will help individuals put food on the table and pay rent. I hope these checks can help small businesses and small business owners who are struggling. I pray that the stimulus checks will provide relief in these difficult times.


I also know that some people are in more fortunate circumstances. They don’t need the $1,200 check for their own expenses.


And if you are one of these people who doesn’t need the money to cover your own expenses, I hope you will consider finding a way to support the global community with these funds. As we are all painfully aware, COVID-19 is wracking havoc around the world, across all borders.


I know there are many worthwhile organizations out there which need support.  But if you are interested in helping Wesley College pay its staff and support its students through this time, your generosity would be much appreciated. Your impact will be life-changing. 


How you can support Wesley College now.

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