Greetings from Tanzania in the name of the risen Christ!


We are going through very scary times across the whole world. Things seem to be the same everywhere with some slight contextual differences.


Here in Tanzania, the cases of confirmed infections are rising steadily with a lot of anxiety growing. Government directives that require people to stay at home are not working because in this context they seem to be impractical. Many among the Tanzanian population depend on daily casual labor to feed themselves and families.  They would prefer dying from coronavirus than staying at home to die of hunger with the whole family.


Many are out of work, many are out of food, the prices of basic food commodities including sugar, rice maize are going up. But we know God's promises are not canceled because of what is happening.


Our staff and students have continued to remain engaged through online learning. It is not working very well like in other places of the world, though, where technology is not such a challenge. We still have a group of students who are completely not able to follow what is currently happening. We are hoping we will be able to figure out something for them when we resume.


I always get inspired by the story of our students who have continued to live their faith and replicate the mission statement of Wesley College. One such student is Benjamin Anthony. Benjamin is the Student Minister for spiritual affairs at Wesley College. He uses his free time to assist fellow students in his village as a way of giving something to the community. I hope you will be inspired to hear of students like Benjamin, too.


With blessings,

Reverend Bonface Wanyama

Wesley College Head of Theology Department

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