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Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director of the Foundation is responsible for designing and implementing the overall development strategy and the strategic plan for the Foundation, based on the strategic plan of Wesley College.

  • Responsible and accountable for meeting the annual fund development financial target goals. Responsible for all donor cultivation, solicitation and donor recognition, including creating and tracking key prospect lists, submitting detailed monthly activity reports, and specific moves management strategies and progress updates.  Responsible for managing a portfolio of major donors and coordinating visits, meetings and events between the Principal, Foundation Board members, and potential donors.

  • Works in concert with the TWEF Board to coordinate a major and capital gifts strategy.

  • Develops systems to encourage and increase Foundation Board involvement in annual and/or major gift fund solicitation, personal giving and donor recognition.

  • Responsible for developing awareness and understanding of the community and its philanthropic culture and opportunities. 

  • Actively support and coordinate with the college Principal’s fundraising efforts.

  • Establish performance metrics and evaluate results of fundraising and donor development efforts including fundraising efficiency.

  • Create and present meaningful reports to effectively communicate financial status, progress and potential problems and opportunities to the TWEF board, college Principal and other constituents as appropriate.

  • Provide a financial context and framework for long and short term planning, budgeting, spending and fundraising.


  • Responsible for searching for and writing grants with help from the college Principal and foundation board members. 

  • Monitors changes in laws, regulations and technology that may affect the foundation and its operations and recommend policy and procedural changes as required.

  • Maintains a financial accounting system for Foundation fiscal activities that complies with audit rules and regulations. 

  • Maintains accurate records of all gifts and donations to the Foundation.

  • Works with the Foundation board to develop investment policy; determine asset allocation; researches investments; supervises investments; track and distribute Endowment Funds in concert with the Principal and Foundation Board.

  • Promotes, maintains, grows, and administers scholarship programs.

  • Develops and maintains systems for identification of donors and potential donors, ensures timely acknowledgement of all contributions, and maintains communication with external prospects and donors on an ongoing basis.

  • Assists in recruiting, orients, trains, and manages a Board of Directors used for outreach and fundraising purposes. 

  • Plans and attends all meetings of the Executive Board of Directors of the Foundation and all meetings of the full Foundation Board of Directors.  Prepares appropriate agendas and support materials.

  • Leads the Foundation and Board of Directors in the development and implementation of a strategic plan that aligns with Wesley College’s strategic plan.

  • Develops, leads, coordinates, and implements a “Friends of Wesley College Association” in the United States.

  • Conducts consistent community and Methodist Church outreach and actively participates in chambers of commerce, service clubs, organizations, and events within and outside the Church.

  • Coordinates Foundation activities with representatives of various constituencies, friends, members of the Foundation Board, committees, and volunteer groups.


Minimum Qualifications for Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred in nonprofit management, public relations, marketing, business or public administration, or a related field.

  • Five years of senior-level management experience with a demonstrable record of comprehensive fundraising, resource development, financial and investment management, strategic planning, public relations/communications, and employee supervision and evaluation.

  • Understanding of and sensitivity to meeting the needs of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural. Disability and ethnic background of the College’s constituents, preferably an understanding of relations with constituents in Tanzania and other countries in Africa.

  •  Previous experience with the with the United Methodist Church is strongly  preferred.

This position requires demonstrated skills in:

   Integrity, honesty, and ethics in the performance and duties of the postion.


   Organizing work and building an effective team to meet the needs of the assigned areas.


   Oral and written language sufficient to prepare reports and professional correspondence.


   Human relations/interpersonal skills to conduct performance reviews, deliver presentations, and convey technical information to a wide variety of audiences.


   Mathematics to perform a variety of business and financial calculations.