Wanyama Trip Update 

Message from Eric Soard
October 31, 2022

 Happy All Hallow’s Eve


November 1st, is a special day in the life of the church where we remember the saints. I find it a special time to think about the Christians that have impacted our faith. Mostly, this reflection includes those who have already left this world such as my mom, who made one of the largest impacts ever on my faith. I often also spend time thinking about those who are currently making an impact on my faith and on the church around the world.


After spending three weeks of travel during the end of September and beginning of October, I can definitely say that Rev. Bonface Wanyama is one of those people. I had the pleasure of hearing his presentations and sitting in meetings, but also sharing car rides and meals. We talked about students, shared dreams for the church, and I listened to his heart. Rev. Wanyama has a heart for his students and shepherding their lives and callings during their time at Wesley College and beyond.


In addition to this special time I also met many authentic, faithful world changers in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. We found people who are balancing the great work they do in their own communities with supporting the work of Wesley College in Tanzania. It was truly a time to remember that none of the work of Wesley College happens in a vacuum or because of only a few people. It takes the effort and dedication of hundreds to accomplish the formation of servant leaders for the church and community in Tanzania. It was a truly a time of remembering what a great cloud of witnesses is able to accomplish in the lives of others.


Thank you to everyone who hosted, housed, and joined in community with Rev. Wanyama during his first trip to the US. It was a special experience.


For anyone who missed Rev. Wanyama while he was here in the US, you can click on the link here and hear his story, in his own words, of why he does what he does and why he identifies so closely with the students at Wesley College. 


It is a heart-touching story and displays just a little of the heart and spirit I was able to experience during our three weeks on the road visiting our own body of Christ who are committing to being the hands and feet that we need in the world.



Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation