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Wesley College students celebrated November 7

Graduation 2020

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Wesley College Principal, Noel Chomola, led a prayer. About his first graduation as Principal, he said:  "I am excited to be part of the journey of these young men and women...I hope this year's graduates succeed as servant leaders and professionals. For those who will continue with further studies I wish them excellence."


Here graduates are seated at the ceremony, with family and friends gathered behind. In many cases, these students have been sent by families, clans, villages, and churches as an investment in the future.

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Anna Migera receives her certificate as a theology program graduate. For her it was a bittersweet day:  "I thought college was only about books, but I found it to be a family by itself. I will honestly miss everyone of the Wesley College family."


In this third-ever graduation for Wesley College, 36 students received their certificates. On November 7th, 2020, each one stepped out into the world: as a servant leader in business, community development, or in ministry through the church.