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November 13, 2020

graduation 2020

On Saturday, November 7th caps flew into the air and showered down on top of brand-new graduates of Wesley College. The college held its third-ever graduation, with 36 students receiving certificates in theology, community development, and business administration.
There were speeches, the presentation of certificates, and a song by the college choir. As a favorite tradition, graduates prepared their own song to sing. It’s a special way to reflect on their time at Wesley College as they say goodbye.
Audience members’ cell phone photos recorded the whole event. Each photo taken represents a heart full of joy at what a son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend has accomplished. Wesley College graduation represents the celebration of an entire village, as a new milestone is achieved in the life of their community. These students had been sent by families, clans, villages, and churches as an investment in the future. Graduation is the beginning of seeing that investment returned.

Commencement is truly a time of new beginnings.  Here’s what one of our Theology graduates, Anna Migera, had to say:
“What surprised me most is realizing that its possible to do something great. All that is required is taking the first step. I never thought I would reach this level. But I saw God guiding and fighting for me as soon as I took that first step."

I hope you will visit this page to see photos of Anna and everyone else at graduation. 

Feel free to raise a hat if you have prayed for, visited with, or supported these students. If you are receiving this email, I consider you part of the Wesley College family. You, too, are part of this celebration, as our graduates launch into their new futures.


Eric Soard
Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation


Enjoy our Graduation 2020 photos here.