Sharing a special memory

April 8, 2021

Today, I wanted to share a special memory from the 10 years I spent in Tanzania:


I’ll never forget attending my first HARAMBE. I really didn’t know what to expect,  but I had been told to show up, so I did.


This HARAMBE turned out to have all of the elements of a great Tanzanian event. There was music and dancing and food. Once there, I learned that we had come together to fund the recording of a CD for a church choir.


The emcee of the event called up various groups of the church. And when a group was called up, one-by-one each group member announced – publicly and joyfully -- the amount they were giving. As each gift was announced, everyone cheered and celebrated!


Each gift, whatever the size, helped the community move forward toward their goal.


I believe that HARAMBE is a beautiful example of the spirit of Tanzania.


This month, more than anything, I am hoping to share that with you. I’d love if we could get together to sing, dance, share food, and celebrate – but we can’t. 


However, despite the times we’re in, we can still find a way to come together. You can still help the community move forward.


Will you come together and support our students?  Your gift will bring higher education to students with big dreams but few opportunities. I hope you will join in the beautiful spirit of HARAMBE now.


Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation

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