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Her Chance

With a focus on increasing accessibility to education many Wesley College students are first generation college students without a support network of professionals to guide them into their first jobs or steps in a career. Too often the thought is that a diploma is enough to get their foot in the door.

Wesley College wants to do everything within its power to ensure the success of our students after graduation. It was with this in mind that made saying yes to Peggy's idea so easy. Peggy Groves, member of Pensacola First United Methodist and president of the United Women in Faith circle, has made multiple trips to Wesley College and helped with the English intensive program that helps all incoming students at Wesley College. She had an idea of how to connect volunteers in the US with students at Wesley College, and preparing female students for their first steps into the professional world. Kathy Worley (pictured right) an owner/operator of a Chick-fil-a in Pensacola jumped on board and made her first trip to Tanzania in April 2023 to meet students, talk to staff, and begin putting together details for this first year's program.

Kathy mentioned that, "The college is full of so many kind and loving staff members and students.  I always felt so welcomed during my visits" and is very excited about launching Her Chance in October 2023.


Her Chance the program

Third year female students at Wesley College will enter into Her Chance and be matched with a volunteer mentor in the US. They will form a relationship of encouragement, guidance, and mentorship during the last academic year for these students in order to prepare the Wesley College student for life after college. Conversations will cover things like how to prepare for an interview, how to add value to yourself and your resume, and how to follow your calling as you move forward in a career.

Additionally several seminars will be offered to help this group of students grow in their understanding of who they are, what they are being called to do, and what steps will get them there. There is also the hope as the program develops that students will be able to get out and meet leaders in the community, women who are successfully engaged in non-profit work, church work, business, or government service so that the students can see what success looks like in the Tanzanian context. 

The program is being led by Teresa Nyamsekela (picture right), a lecturer in the community development department. Teresa will be helping match mentors and students, organize seminars, and regularly monitor the program through its first year to ensure a positive impact for the students. Teresa, herself a role model for students at Wesley College and successful professional is excited to see this opportunity for additional growth outside of the classroom. Something that has become a distinction for education at Wesley College.

Mentor expectations

If you are interested in being a mentor in this program please reach out to Eric Soard at for more information.

Mentors will be expected to have a one-on-one relationship and be in contact with the student for a minimum of 1 hour a month to have in depth conversations about careers and vocational development. In addition there may be an opportunity to lead a seminar on various topics mentioned above with the entire group of students during their last year of college.

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