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message from Eric Soard, Jan 7, 2022

generosity of  strangers

As we welcome 2022, I wanted to share with you two simple ideas that came to me this Christmas season. The first one hit me as I stood in Christmas Eve service singing Silent Night. I held a candle alongside my family, in a room full of others celebrating Christ’s birth. God is faithful.


It is a simple thought, but one that brings me more hope than anything else in this world can. It has sustained me personally, and I know it has sustained so many others through difficult times, changes and transitions. This ‘simple idea’ is the foundation of my hope in the work that Wesley College is doing. God is faithful. 


This leads to my second simple thought:


As our 2021 fundraising season ends, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for the generosity of strangers, who are making our ministry in Tanzania possible.  You – each one of our donors and supporters -- were at one time a stranger to the staff, students, and mission of Wesley College. Nearly all of you are still strangers to the villages, towns, and cities in Tanzania.


Still, you believe in our work, and you believe in the faithfulness of God to turn our efforts into transformative change. I am thankful for how God has worked in all of our lives and led each of us to invest in others. I believe it is God’s faithfulness that leads so many of you in generosity to our mission.


As we welcome the new year, please join me in giving thanks for how so many people have come together to make Wesley College possible. As we enter this new year, I pray for blessings on each of you, your families, our country, and the world. May 2022 bring joy!


Eric Soard

Executive Director of Wesley College Foundation

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