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Posted below, you will find news from Wesley College. We hope that you will visit this page often, to stay connected to Mwanza, Tanzania -- our students, faculty, and partners.


Posted in the May 2023 Newsletter

A unique benefit that many of our students highlight when they speak of Wesley College are our volunteers. The connection and support of our global team sets Wesley College apart in so many ways. Our heart and hands exist because of YOU. Your donations, your time, your involvement, your board commitments, your mentorship---so many aspects of giving that we are truly grateful.

Giving Through Missions and Mentorship

As we wrap up the success of Harambe 2023 and all of you who gave financially- I also wanted to highlight gratitude for those serving at Wesley College. Two such volunteers are Peggy Groves and Kathy Worley who are helping to launch Her Chance.

Kathy just returned from her first trip to Tanzania and was deeply touched and motivated to help. She soon realized that even through challenges such as not having steady electricity by which to study; young children and students found great joy and love that fuels their excitement to learn and grow.

Peggy and Kathy started Her Chance as a way to continue that excitement of learning with third year students at Wesley College. Through direct mentorship of these women as they prepare to enter their professional careers, Peggy and Kathy know they will positively impact their Tanzanian communities. Her Chance will pair up third year female students at Wesley College with professional women in the US to connect on a regular basis, receiving encouragement and mentoring. Additionally there will be training opportunities in professional communication, how to interview for jobs, and other professional development opportunities for students as they prepare to launch into life after college.

In the midst of challenges such as electricity, technology, and connectivity- Kathy sees the similarities that span the oceans in the college staff and students who also want to serve and motivate young adults. You can read more about Her Chance here.

Serving others is something I know I am called to do.  I have been the recipient of so much in my life but I will always say that the gift of someone’s time has always proven the most valuable.

- Kathy Worley

Board Members Commitment

As well as those that create unique and tangible programs to give back to Wesley College- we also celebrate our dedicated Board. Our Board of Directors, comprised of 11 members, graciously gives of their time and energy to direct the Foundation. It is through these members that ideas are made into reality, connections developed, visions cast, and guidance shared. They help with grants, help organize fundraisers, build connections with individuals and churches, and help run the Foundation through their individual skillsets. We can't thank them enough for their daily contributions to further the impact of Wesley College.

You can "meet" our Board of Directors here and read their bios.

As you read this, I hope you see your gifts that make this world better. I encourage you to see how your talents can be used to cast visions and be the hands and feet of good in this world.

Here are just some ways to utilize your gifts at Wesley College:

  • Mentors

  • Instructors

  • Business Coach/Trainer

  • Database and Information Systems

  • Media/Communications

  • Student Activities Coordinator

  • Staff Training Hub Development

To hear more about ways you can give back through your talents at Wesley College Foundation- please look here.

Thank you again to all that volunteer to make Wesley College Foundation a brighter place of hope to educate and change communities in Tanzania.


Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation


2023 welcomed a growth in the Foundation's staff with the addition of Brady Banks, Director of Foundation Development. Brady has been a great asset to the team. Nicki (Communications Director) and myself look forward to the Foundation's future as a strong team with the addition of Brady. 

By the Numbers 2023 Wesley College Foundation TZ (Website).png
Brady Banks.jpeg




We also mourned the loss of an amazing person and constant supporter of the Foundation and Wesley College. Rev. Dr. Bill Buchanan was instrumental in Wesley Collge's start in 2017 through teaching classes as well as serving on the Foundation Board. His impact will forever be felt in Tanzania and with us. We cherish our memories and grieve this loss.


I was able to visit Wesley College several times this year, and each time left with a feeling of renewed hope and admiration for all that the College is doing. I had the pleasure of seeing the growth through new staff, more students, assistance for assault victims, and more graduates who are directly impacting local communities in Tanzania. 


Wesley College Foundation also had the first-ever Rock City Run, virtual 5k event that corresponded with the Rock City Marathon in Tanzania. This event spread awareness to new friends as well as joined together all of us for a fun event that got us moving. 


I wanted to highlight a volunteer who made the Rock City Run a fun, easy event with 40 of her closest friends and family. Kathy Schwab, a loyal friend of Wesley College Foundation, along with her husband Ken Schwab hosted a walk with social gathering.

Kathy shared what the Rock City Run meant to her and how easy it was to do--and how much FUN they all had.


Not only did Kathy get together a group of 30 people at her house to walk and enjoy a social brunch afterwards-- she had walkers all over the US participate! Kathy and Ken made sure that they spread the word about Wesley College all the way to Yosemite!

Kathy gave this tip to anyone who might be hesitant to get a group together:


"Do what's in your comfort zone. For me- it was my friend group then it branched out from there and grew. Begin with what feels right for you. Don't try and make it overwhelming--it really is simple and easy and FUN!"


Thank you Kathy and Ken for making the cause of Wesley College Foundation the catalyst for the good you and your friends/family did with the Rock City Run! 


As we welcome the new year, please join me in giving thanks for how so many people have come together to make Wesley College Foundation possible. As we enter this new year, I pray for blessings on each of you, your families, and the world. May we see even more movement forward and joy in 2024!


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