October 22, 2020

from classroom to commmunity


A student presents field practice results.

Dotto Roche, a Community Development student, gained a new appreciation for the challenges of street children last month. She moved from the Wesley College classroom to doing casework for Our Father’s House in Tarime, Tanzania. When asked about her 6-week field experience, Dotto said, “The most important thing I learned was the connection between what we have been taught in class -- the theories -- and what is practiced in the community.”


Forty-six Wesley College students in Community Development and Business Administration recently completed their annual field practice. They’ve been assigned to small and large businesses, government offices, banks, and non-profit organizations.


They’ve been sent to seven different regions of Tanzania. While there, each student received a first taste of life as a book-keeper, salesperson, outreach worker, micro-finance staff, or HR professional.


It hasn’t all been easy. Some students experienced the frustration of retired workers not being able to access their social security payments. Others experienced the difficulty of mobilizing community education of youth on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. But instead of discouraging them, these challenges helped them understand the importance of their new careers.


A key goal of Wesley College is to equip skilled professionals. Whether forming pastors, entrepreneurs, or community aid workers, real-life practical experience is key to students being job-ready. The college experience becomes more than just tests and papers when students engage in the community and put newly learned skills to work.


Read student Nelson Mandela’s field experience story here, and learn what he says was the best part of his experience.


When students return to campus, faculty and staff see two big changes. Students show a renewed interest in engaging in class and a big surge in confidence. Maybe most importantly, each one comes back with a new identity, as a budding professional.  Knowing “I’ve now served in my profession” is a life-changer.

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