Announcement from eric soard:

our new principal

noel chomola


July 24, 2020


I hope this message finds you well. As uncertainties continue around our world, I am happy to share some good news. 


First of all, a reminder of last month’s announcement:


I am transitioning from Principal of Wesley College in Mwanza, Tanzania, to a US-based role which allows me to continue God’s call, here in the United States. 


Now, this month’s good news:


As I step into my new role, as Executive Director of Wesley College’s U.S. Foundation, an original dream for Wesley College will be fulfilled. The college will now be led by a Tanzanian Principal, a transition that has always been central to our plan. I am excited to announce that Noel George Chomola has been selected to fill this role.


Noel joined Wesley College faculty in 2019. Since then, he’s stepped into leadership roles in our Business and Entrepreneurship area, including Head of Department and Director of ‘Tukuwe,’ Wesley College’s new Entrepreneurship Center.


You can read all about Noel’s academic and professional background here. I have known Noel since before his time at Wesley College, and I want you to know how I have been inspired by his journey. In fact, his journey is one we hope all Wesley College students take.


Noel describes himself as “an entrepreneur, an academic, and a Christian.” Through his faith, church engagement, and community volunteering he has found that he has something significant to share with the world. Upon this foundation of service are great leadership skills, entrepreneurial outlook, and the ability to build great teams.


I am excited to see where Wesley College goes with this new leadership. I have no doubt that many more students will be transformed under Noel’s leadership and through his personal example.


Why does Noel say that he took on this role?  “I have always wanted to pursue a professional career that transforms the lives of people, and I always want to be part of growth and change. Wesley College provides me with an opportunity.”


Noel and his wife, Esther, have three children, ages 7, 4, and 2. I hope you will help welcome all of them to the Wesley College family.


Eric Soard, Executive Director of Wesley College Foundation

Read Noel Chomola's bio here.