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A letter from our principal:  how you can help


Dear Friends of Wesley College,

I'm writing this letter one week after Wesley College has closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be honest, I have many concerns about the coming days. As you know, even the best prepared countries -- with the most advanced health care systems -- are suffering. I am very concerned when I envision the virus’ effects as it moves into Tanzania.


I'm writing to be sure all of our friends are aware of the situation, and  I'm also writing to share how you can help.


After conversations with staff in Tanzania and prayerful consideration of the pressing needs at Wesley College, in all of our families, and throughout the world, I am making a simple request. I am asking you to commit to give $25 per month, for the time that Wesley College is closed.


This is how your $25/month gift will be life-changing:


In Tanzania, few college students can afford to pay a full semester’s tuition at one time. Instead, most of our students pay month-by-month. And just like here in the USA, the pandemic has quickly disrupted people’s ability to make money. Many students have already expressed an inability to pay school fees until the crisis has passed.  This disrupts cash flow at Wesley College and puts us in a precarious position. We depend on these student payments to pay our faculty and staff.


By supporting our faculty and staff, I truly believe that you are supporting Wesley College’s greatest resource. Every day, I see God’s promises to our ministry lived out by these dedicated men and women. Now, in the throes of COVID-19, our biggest obligation is to stand by them. I hope you will share my commitment to these faith-driven staff and their families at home.


To be honest, I struggled in writing this message, as I have no doubt that you are consumed with the uncertainties of the day. Your heart, like mine, is breaking with images on the daily news – right here in the United States. I expect that you are likely facing financial insecurities in your own family, community, and church.  That’s why I’m only asking you for $25/month. If many people can each give a little, the impact will be very big.


I hope that you will prayerfully consider my request. You can easily go to our donation page and set-up a monthly credit card donation. These payments can be quickly stopped when the crisis resolves. If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to the address here or set-up monthly payments through your bank.


In closing, please know that I am painfully aware of the broad impact of this pandemic. I pray you are safe and are doing all you can to protect and support your loved ones. I also hope you can take this small step – providing $25 per month – for our staff and students in Tanzania.


Eric Soard

Wesley College Principal


P.S. Of course, if you can give more than $25 per month, your support will be even more life-giving. Or, if you prefer to bless the faculty and students of Wesley College with a one-time gift, you can learn how to do that here.