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transition = opportunity

Message from Eric Soard, January 28,2022

I’m writing to tell you about a transition at Wesley College. It’s one of those unexpected changes that are part of a growing institution. At year’s end, Noel Chomola transitioned out of the role of Principal. He has returned to his family in Dodoma, Tanzania, 425 miles south of Mwanza.


We are grateful for Noel’s service, and he will be missed.  An interim Principal has been appointed for this time of transition.


While sorry to see Noel go, I am excited about a new opportunity for collaboration between the Board of Trustees in Tanzania and our US-based Wesley College Foundation.


This Saturday, Wesley College Foundation President, Dr. Ed Franklin, will lead a transition seminar guiding the Tanzanian board through a discernment process for hiring our next principal. Together, they’ll explore current college strengths and weaknesses, define a five-year vision, and identify qualities of a leader who can get us there. The ultimate outcome will be a process to find the best next leader for the students of Wesley College.


I don’t think we could find anyone better prepared to provide this help. Ed has 40 years of experience serving community colleges in three states, including 19 years as President/CEO of the Arkansas community college system.  The workshop he’ll lead on Saturday is one he’s facilitated multiple times, helping boards sharpen their visions for the future.


Based on his experience, Ed steps into Saturday’s workshop seeing only opportunity. He told us, “I always tell organizations that even if you thought you had the best person in place, when he or she leaves, you have an opportunity. To seize it, you need to take a pause. Envision your future. Then, make changes to choose the best leader to get you there.”


As sorry as I am to see Noel go, I am deeply grateful for Ed’s assistance. He won’t be making any decisions for the college on Saturday, but he’ll be posing important questions. I hope you will agree with him and with me.  At this juncture, the future of Wesley College is full of opportunity.


Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation

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