July 2021 

3 students learn
what 'service means


From Eric Soard:

I’m writing to tell you about three Wesley College students, Dinnah, Gilbert, and Veronica, and how their passion for servant leadership has propelled them into the community.


I’m really writing to tell you why Wesley College exists. Because Wesley College was founded – first and foremost – to create a culture of service that would extend beyond the college and into the world. As an institution founded on Christian ethics and ideals, our servant leadership program is a key facet of college life.


It has been a true joy to watch students emerge from the classroom over the past few years. There are many examples.


But today I want to tell you about Gilbert, Dinnah, and Veronica, who have joined two young American adults to create the cross-cultural ‘Wesley House.’ Led by site director Davis Rhodes (two-year veteran of UMC Volunteer in Mission Program), it’s based in Tarime, Tanzania.


Together, these five young adults are exploring what it means to live out their faith -- with the mission of serving neighbors, the local church, and the community.


When you hear that, what comes to mind? If you picture Gilbert, Dinnah, and Veronica preaching, leading choirs, and otherwise engaged with traditional ‘church work’, you would be very wrong. I hope you will read Davis’ very compelling blog here. I think you’ll find it has a surprising ending.


When you read Davis’ blog, I hope you’ll keep this in mind:


When one of the students – Gilbert -- was a first-year student at Wesley College, he defined a servant leader as ‘someone who has control of a large group of people.’ When you read the story, you will be surprised by how Gilbert’s perception of servant leadership has changed.


When asked why she had joined Wesley House upon graduation, here’s what Dinnah told us:


“I wanted to practice what I had learned at Wesley College. I wanted to practice loving my neighbors, helping those in need. Service leadership means that you sacrifice for others. Wesley College taught me to look at others more than myself.”


I believe that our Servant Leadership program is the strongest pillar on which Wesley College stands. When the college fosters the desire to serve others, we are succeeding.


We always welcome your support to form more servant leaders for Tanzania. Together, we can inspire more students Gilbert, Dinnah, and Veronica. Read about them here.


Eric Soard

Wesley College Foundation Executive Director