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 Read  David's Story and learn how one student heard God's call -- and how Wesley College helped him define it.   Together,  we are forming more servant leaders for the church and the world.  

Education for empowerment

Based in Mwanza, Tanzania, Wesley College provides faith-based education to students who are passionate about their communities. We are equipping the next generation of leaders for a country that needs them.


Through hands-on, practical education, Wesley College prepares students to be launched into the wider world. Watch our 2 1/2 minute video, at right, to learn  how digital-literacy is essential, as Africa makes technological leaps every day. Wesley College prepares students not just to get jobs, but to keep jobs, and to employ themselves. Please explore this site to learn more.

Innovative education to build the community.  

We're Building Community Leaders

Wesley College Tanzania offers a practical, modern, faith-based education. It is a simple, accessible on-ramp for first generation college students. Our formational leadership program for all students addresses these challenges in a new and innovative way.

Easily Accessible

Wesley College provides a path to new futures for non-traditional students. We keep costs low, offer as many scholarships as we can, and provide the remedial courses and support which each student needs. For many students, Wesley is the only opportunity for higher education.

Practical & modern

Wesley College is designed to meet the unique needs of Tanzania, both today and tomorrow. We equip students for a professional and global environment. Internships ensure students practice what they learn and that they graduate job-ready in the era of globalization. 

servant leadership

At Wesley College, we are passionate about developing servant leaders to go forth in their communities. Beyond our Theology classrooms, faculty and students wrestle with spiritual questions. What does a faith-driven accountant look like? A faith-driven development worker? Academics are just one part of learning. 

Meet Anna

Before enrolling at Wesley College, Anna worked at Angel House Orphanage for 12 years. She was ‘mother’ to 77 children. Now, Anna is passionate about entering the ministry.

Listen to Anna, at right, and then read her full, inspiring story here.

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