Student stories

On their way to Wesley College, every student follows his or her own path. While at Wesley, all students pursue their own goals. We find inspiration in each student story. Read the stories, below, and we hope that you will be inspired, too.

anna Migera

Called to do more

Anna’s father had multiple wives and her mother was #2. “That’s never a good place to be,” she says. Family life was rough and when she was 13 years old ....


Read Anna's whole story here.

Dinna sylvester

Moving toward her dreams

Dinna Sylvester grew up in Tarime, a small town near Lake Victoria. When she was 14 and in secondary school, her father died. This time is one of Dinna’s saddest memories....

Joshua Kihala

A second chance for education

Joshua grew up in the small village of Kigoma in northwestern Tanzania. He was the seventh child in a family of eight children. It was not possible for his family to pay for the education ....

Eunice Maganga

To help others know the Lord

Eunice Maganga was born on the island of Ukerewe. She dreamed of getting a job so that she could support herself, but she was unable to continue her education after ....

Nelson mandela

From manual labor to student leader

Hauling bricks, mixing cement, and carrying water to a school construction site. Mandela labored doing all of these things, at the school where he would eventually study....

Joshua Murangiri

Following God's call

Joshua grew up in a family that valued education, but college tuition was not within reach. His dream of becoming a pastor first came true. Next came a Wesley College scholarship...

a video story: Jackson sampson

As the oldest child in a poor family, Jackson's father had encouraged him to study, before he passed away two years ago. Watch and listen to this 1 min 50 sec video, to learn why Jackson says, "Wesley College raises hope."  Watch Jackson's story here.

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