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Eunice's story

to help others know the lord

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Eunice Maganga was born on the island of Ukerewe, Tanzania. She dreamed of getting a job so that she could support herself, but she was unable to continue her education after primary school. She lived at home until she was 17 years old, when she got married. 

Eunice and her husband had three children, two boys and a girl, but it was a troubled marriage.  Her husband was a policeman, but he drank too much. When the couple separated in 2003, Eunice returned to her parental home, having no choice but to leave her children behind.

Throughout this time, Eunice was on a spiritual journey. She was brought up in the Anglican Church, married in the Roman Catholic church, and she later attended the Evangelical Assembly of God Church. It was during this time that she really met the Lord.  Someone from the church talked with her in a one-on-one conversation, and this changed her life. Although her challenges were the same, they didn’t seem so hard, because the Lord took control of them.

After she separated from her husband and returned to her parental home, Eunice had promised God that she would remain celibate. She prayed that her husband would not come and force her to return to their marriage. Later he abandoned the children, and they called their mother. She asked them to find a way to come to her. Finally, in 2013, she was reunited with her children.


A year later her husband died.  At this time, it was necessary to separate the children so that they could be well cared for. One of Eunice’s brothers took in her older son, another brother took in her daughter, and the younger son stayed with Eunice. This son has completed primary and secondary school and is now studying Human Resource Management at university.

Eunice is still dreaming of getting a job so that she can support herself. She wants to be a missionary, continuing to serve and helping others know the Lord.  She has made a good start to seeing this dream fulfilled. In 2007 she was able to attend one year of Bible College, and now she is a Theology student at Wesley College and also studying to pass national exams.

Eunice has developed a strong desire to learn English even though she did not know English at all before coming to Wesley College, and it is still a very hard language for her to speak.  She is very happy to be at Wesley College, because she is getting a second chance to get an education.  Eunice says, “Wesley College has good moral values, and they offer the best education.”

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