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Wesley college news

Posted below, you will find news from Wesley College. We hope that you will visit this page often, to stay connected to Mwanza, Tanzania -- our students, faculty, and partners.

2022 Movement Forward!

2022 Year in Review and Movement Forward - Message from Eric Soard February 9, 2023.

Wanyama Trip Update

Rev. Bonface Wanyama had an impactful trip in the US - Message from Eric Soard October 31, 2022

Building a Bridge for Women Students, March 22, 2022

Creating a Bridge for Female Students to Enter Higher Education - Message from Eric Soard, March 22, 2022

Graduate Success Stories, February 21, 2022

Stories of Wesley College Graduates Success

Transition = Opportunity, Leadership change in Tanzania, January 28, 2022

New Opportunities for Wesley College - Message from Eric Soard, January 28,2022

Reflecting on the Generosity of Strangers, January 7, 2022

Being the Global Village for Wesley College - Message from Eric Soard, Jan. 7th, 2022

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