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about wesley College

education for building up the community

Wesley College was founded in 2017 to equip the next generation of leaders for Tanzania. The college is located in Mwanza, the second-largest city in the country. We prepare students with skills that will get them jobs, through an innovative model of hands-on, faith-based education.  Our aim is to not only prepare job-ready professionals, but to encourage students to have a heart for their communities. The Christian model of servant leadership is at the center of all teaching and learning.  

Much like community colleges in the United States, Wesley College focuses on students who lack specific educational requirements to go directly into a traditional university or who are interested in education that will take them straight to the workforce. Wesley College prepares its students through strong remedial education programs, specific job skills training, excellent academics, and multiple opportunities for hands-on job experience before graduation. Current programs include Theology, Community Development, and Business Administration.

Wesley College is a United Methodist Church related institution that is endorsed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church and a member of both the African Association of United Methodist Theological Institutes and the Africa Association of Methodist Institutes of Higher Education. 

Wesley College is governed by a diverse Board of Trustees containing people from three different nations and from leaders in the religious, government, and private sectors. The Tanzania Wesley Education Foundation is a US based 501c3, which exists to support the transforming ministry of Wesley College.


Read our founding story here.

Meet two of our students, who are preparing today to become passionate leaders tomorrow.

Jenipha Kizuzu headshot.jpg

“My education will help the community to lead itself toward development and away from poverty.”

           Jenipha Kasiani – Wesley College Theology student

Abel Agnes horizontal (2).jpg

“God willing, I want to start my own NGO to help the community with their many challenges.”

           Abel Ignas – Wesley Community Development student

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