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celebrating benito lubazibwa

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Entrepreneurship as part of the solution

When Benito Lubazibwa learned about Wesley College, he needed no convincing to become part of the work. Having grown up in Tanzania, he believes that education is the key to transform lives and communities. He says, “In Africa, we say if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Benito wants to be part of the solution, to help young people in Tanzania change their lives through education.


On September 22, 2020, Benito Lubzibwa, Wesley College Foundation board member, was honored by the Arkansas Small Business Association. His company, Remix Ideas, was recognized as the 2020 Entrepreneur Support Organization of the Year.


The mission of Remix Ideas is to remove barriers Black entrepreneurs face in accessing knowledge, capital, opportunities and resources -- to start, grow and scale their businesses.

We talked to Benito recently to learn more about Remix Ideas, his service to Wesley College, and the connection between the two. Here's what he told us:


I looked at the system and saw it is not including everyone. Black entrepreneurs are not part of the ecosystem, and my aim is to equalize the system so that anyone with a dream can be part of it, regardless of race or zip code. Because the system is not equitable, we don’t want to level the playing field, we want to build another one.


Key barriers for black entrepreneurs here are financial capital, knowledge of business, social capital, and access to other resources. There is a strong connection to the challenges facing young people in Tanzania.


In Tanzania, 60% of the population is under 25. There is a big problem of unemployment, and entrepreneurship can be part of the solution. Entrepreneurs can not only build businesses but hire other young people. This is good for the country and good for changing the mindset, as entrepreneurs look at challenges as opportunities. These young people need to be problem solvers.


The reason I really want to be involved with Wesley College is that they are transforming lives. I believe that when you pray, you must move your feet. Wesley College is moving its feet. We need to pray to get wisdom, but we also need to be coworkers with God.


Love, compassion and justice are the language of God. My service to Wesley College doesn’t feel like a job, it is fulfilling my purpose. We are helping young people learn to be coworkers with God.

Watch a three-minute video featuring Benito Luzibwa, Remix Ideas, and why he was selected for the SBA 2020 Entrepreneur Support Organization of the Year award.

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