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graduate success Stories

Message from Eric Soard, february 21,2022

Last fall, I sent out an email asking for help to evaluate our website. I was encouraged by how many of you responded! If you completed our anonymous survey, thank you.

Now, I’m writing to let you know that, based on survey responses, we’ve added an important new section on the Wesley College Foundation website. "Our Grads" answers the desire of many to know what students are doing post-graduation.

I’m excited to share this with you.

Along with encouraging you to explore these new stories, I want to share a message from Rev. Bonface Wanyama, Wesley College Head of Theology. Rev. Wanyama wants you to know that he and other College leaders are following the growth of the graduates closely.

He says, “The strength of any learning institution is determined through observation of its alumni. We are proud that Wesley College is continuing to develop and build an alumni base that is now beginning to bring positive impact to the community.” According to Rev. Wanyama, the graduates featured in our new section (Jackson, Dinna, and Anna) are all part of that.  

According to Rev. Wanyama, these testimonies are a reflection of what education can do in the life of young people in Tanzania. “Many young people who came to Wesley college with no clear goals have been able to discover their potential and live beyond the obvious! This makes us who are educators at Wesley College confident. We’re proud of the work that God has put on our shoulders and allowed us to do.

And if you are a supporter, a follower, or a prayer partner of Wesley College, you are part of God’s work there, too. I hope you’ll go online and read how--together--we are forming new servant leaders. Read graduate stories here.


Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation

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