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David heard God's call.

wesley college helped define it.

An infectious smile, a generous heart for worship, and feet that cannot keep from dancing. These are all ways to describe David Jeremiah, a 2019 theology program graduate from Wesley College. While a student, David helped lead the Wesley College choir, and he enjoyed encouraging others to share their gifts and talents.

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God's call has been heard by this young man for most of his life. In fact, David remembers being six years old when he first started preaching God's word to neighborhood playmates. But the precise way that God meant to use him was not defined.  When David was offered a scholarship to Wesley College, a path forward became clear.

Then, in his last semester at Wesley College, David attended a children’s ministry seminar put on by a team from Alabama – West Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the seminar, David found a new way to put his gifts to work, teaching and ministering to children. Soon his leadership gifts became evident and he was selected to help other participants implement the training in their own churches.


David quickly became the coordinator and key communicator between  local churches and the team leader from the Alabama -West Florida Conference. Then, early in 2020, a new position of 'Children's Coordinator' was created in the Tanzania Annual Conference.  Bishop Mande Muyombo appointed David to fill this role.

Now, this new Wesley College graduate works with churches throughout the country to help them develop effective children's programs. In less than one year, David has engaged 95% of them. He has led children’s festivals, church discussions, and training across the country.  As a result of David's work, 40 churches which did not have children's ministry programs have children's ministry programs today.

Eric Soard, Executive Director of Wesley College Foundation, says that seeing David develop and his leadership potential bloom has been "a personal joy."  Although David has many natural talents and a clear call, the mark of Wesley College is also evident in how he has been recognized by others as a servant leader.

You have the opportunity to ensure that more students like David find their callings. David's education was only possible through generous people like you.

Although costs are low by American standards, they are well beyond the means of most students' families. A year's tuition costs $500, and $2,000 covers all costs for one student like David, for a year.

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