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moving toward her dreams

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Dinna Sylvester grew up in Tarime, a small town near Lake Victoria in Tanzania. She has two younger brothers and a younger sister. When she was 14 and in secondary school, her father died. This time is one of Dinna’s saddest memories, because it was at this time that her mother left the family, too. She knows that her mom is alive, but there is no contact at all with her.

After her father died, Dinna and her siblings were sent to live with different family members. It felt to Dinna like there was no direction to their lives. She and her brother lived with her grandmother, and Dinna dropped out of school for a year. She spent her time helping her grandmother with household chores, including washing clothes for the family.  This involved walking back and forth to the community well many times a day, totaling over three miles.


Then, with government help, Dinna was able to return to school and complete secondary school. One of her happiest memories is the day she passed her National Exams, because that meant the possibility of more learning opportunities for her. It was cause for celebration!

From a friend, Dinna heard about Wesley College and decided to enroll. Her dream is to become a missionary nurse who cares for orphans and children in need. Now, Dinna is working towards a Theology Diploma.

But enrolling at Wesley was at first a challenge for Dinna for several reasons. She needed to move from the small town of Tarime to Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania. The environment was very different, and she also needed to interact with people of different backgrounds. But most difficult for Dinna was adapting to studying in the English language.

Dinna now says that the best thing about Wesley College is that she is getting intensive instruction in English and her language skills are much improved. In addition to her career goal, one day Dinna hopes to have a family of her own.  She is happy that Wesley College is helping her move forward towards her dreams.

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