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how neema's life was transformed

Dear Friends of Wesley College,


I’m writing to tell you about one of our quiet heroes. There are 26 faithful faculty members at Wesley College, and one of them is named Fadhili John.


When you support Wesley College, you support Fadhili John, who joined us in early 2020, an experienced accountant and educator. He came with passion to teach and a desire to help students ‘develop a vision for their lives.’  


When Fadhili is asked what he teaches, he doesn’t answer with course names or business skills.  He puts it this way: “I teach skills that can be used to solve problems in our society.”


Last month three of his students were hired by the Tanzanian government, straight from graduation. One of them is Neema Ndawala.  Neema tells us that she discovered far more than business skills in Fadhili’s classes.


You see, Neema grew up as a person with albinism in Tanzania, and she had been marginalized from mainstream society for much of her life. Through the mentorship of Fadhili and other teachers at Wesley College, Neema found belonging and security for the very first time. She discovered her very humanity. In her own words, “At Wesley College, I learned that I was a person, too.”


With Fadhili as a mentor, Neema’s life has been permanently changed. Now that she and her class have graduated, Fadhili continues on.  He has just taken in a new group of students, and I have little doubt that their lives will be similarly transformed.


He told us, “Teaching at Wesley College makes it easy for me to achieve my own dreams, because every day I know I am helping others. This has become a passion inside me.”


If I introduced you to our other 25 Quiet Heroes, I think you would notice that passion inside them, too. Will you help keep their passions burning?  Your year-end gift will go a long way in Tanzania. Just $100 can cover one student’s lodging for a full semester. A year’s tuition costs $1000, and a teacher’s monthly salary is $500.


I hope you’ll make a life-changing gift to Wesley College today. You can give securely online or mail your check to the address below.




Eric Soard,

ED, Wesley College Foundation

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