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Message from Tanzania

Thanks to our U.S. supporters!

May 24, 2021

Together, we are celebrating how so many of you came together last month, providing much needed support to our ministry. Through the generosity of so many of you, our first-ever HARAMBE raised over $26,000!


Our HARAMBE Live Event was streamed into 100+ churches and homes on April 25th. If you weren’t able to join us then, you can still watch it here.


Noel Chomola, Wesley College Principal, has this message for you:


“I thank God for giving us an opportunity to be partners and friends.  Through this partnership, we have had an opportunity to learn from each other’s perspectives. You have learned something from us, and we have learned a lot from you.


“Through HARAMBE, you have been here with us in fulfilling our mission.


“Together, we will ensure that Wesley College in Tanzania continues to be a place for imparting education for developing this country, the church, and individuals. Together, we will provide education for community development, for societal change, and for improvement of lives.”


Together -- from both the College in Tanzania and the Wesley College Foundation in the US -- we say ‘thank-you.’ If our HARAMBE inspired you to donate, lift us in prayer, or learn more about our context in Tanzania, we appreciate you. By coming together, we are building on God’s promises to Wesley College. 


If you weren’t able to join our Live Event on April 25th, you can still watch it here.

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