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Harambe in Swahili means ‘coming together.’ Harambe is also a community-based fundraising method in Tanzania. At a traditional Harambe, people gather to support a common cause. Over the last two years over $50,000 has been raised to support students in Tanzania just during Harambe. That is 30 churches and even more individuals working for a common cause.

This year we are excited for you to Learn, Celebrate, and Give with us.

Learn about what students and graduates are doing in Tanzania as students share how they are on the move, going from poverty to purpose in their lives.

Celebrate the first six years of Wesley College all that has been invested to make it a success.


Give as we invite you to support scholarship students in Tanzania make the move that hundreds before them have already made in putting new skills and confidence to work for their community.


On April 30th at 3 pm central time, Wesley College invites you to travel (virtually) with us to Tanzania. Our Harambe will bring higher education to students with big dreams who want to move forward and find their purpose in life. 

You can catch the LIVE EVENT here or go ahead and DONATE ahead of of the event as we work towards our scholarship goal for Harambe 2023.

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