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how to donate to harambe

HARAMBE is a traditional fundraising method in Tanzania where people gather to contribute to a common cause. Each participant announces his or her donation, contributes it joyfully, and the group celebrates!

There are three giving options for churches, small groups, and members of your congregation to contribute to the Wesley College Harambe:


We invite you to set up your church’s own giving page on the ‘Donately’ platform.  As you will see, when you go the page and click on ‘start a fundraiser’ you will need to fill in a simple form:  naming your church, setting a goal, and creating a short statement explaining why your church is getting involved. 


Your congregation will be able to easily give on-line, and we’ll be able to track all donors from your church family and report back to you. If you have any questions related to setting this up, please email or call 715-456-8104 for assistance. 


This option most closely resembles a Harambe in Tanzania. Each gift will show up on your church page, adding towards your goal, and allowing your church family to celebrate as your impact grows (similar to ‘GoFundMe’ format). Donors have the option to share their name or appear ‘anonymous.’

#1 set up your own church harambe page

#2 link to our website

Share the link to Wesley College Foundation’s website, and your church family can use the secure form provided. Ask your members to write the name of your church in the ‘comments’ box. We’ll track your church gifts and report back to you after the event. The same webpage includes a mailing address for those who would like to mail a check. Invite your members to write 'Harambe' and your church name on  the memo line.

#3 send checks from your church

Some churches may prefer to receive checks from their congregation and mail them together (or as a single check from the church). You can send them to:  Wesley College Foundation, ATTN John West, 1872 Lake Ridge Road, Birmingham AL 35216. Because we would like to thank all donors directly, we hope that you will include scans of individual checks received (or names/addresses of donors), if you choose to combine them in a single check.

If you have any questions, want more information, need guidance on available resources, or are interested in a deeper missional partnership with Wesley College, please reach out to Rev. Eric Soard, Executive Director of Wesley College Foundation at 731-616-8506 or

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