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jackson's story

god's timing is best

Before college

Jackson is the first born of a large family. With that, many responsibilities sit on his shoulders. Shortly after he began studying a Wesley College, his father passed away. At that point, Jackson considered dropping out to support his family. But education was always important to his father, and he had encouraged him to attend the College. It was a difficult decision but, Jackson said, “My father taught me that education would help me more.”

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At one point Jackson had dreamed to become a medical doctor. But while studying, he felt the call to use his gifts to be a pastor. That idea had been planted by his father and supported by college mentors. He says, “At Wesley College, my mind was opened.” He graduated with a degree in Theology in 2019.

Jackson after graduation

Shortly after graduation, Jackson received a great honor and was offered an exceptional growth opportunity. He was accepted into the Global Mission Fellow program of the United Methodist Church. Just as he was preparing to serve in another country for two years, the global pandemic happened.  Worldwide, the Global Mission Fellow program was put on hold. Understandably, it was a big disappointment for Jackson. He questioned why this had to happen to him. But Jackson found peace through prayer.


Jackson came to learn “‘there are plenty of opportunities that God has in store for me, it is only a matter of time.”  He recaptured his optimism and stepped faithfully into a different future.

Jackson serves

Currently, Jackson is serving as pastor of City Center Church, which is housed in Wesley College.  He says, “Being pastor of the church has brought so much happiness to me, because God has called me to do it.” Jackson says, “I am not pastor only of City CenterChurch, I am pastor wherever I am in the c ommunity. I share the good news of Christ, I pray for the sick, I counsel, and I baptize.”


At the same time that Jackson is pastoring the church, he is studying at African University, pursuing his bachelor’s degree.  When asked about the greatest challenges he currently faces, he named two. First, as breadwinner for his family, finances are tight. And, in Tanzanian culture, it is traditional for pastors to be married, so Jackson’s single status leads some others to consider him ‘incomplete.’ 


But Jackson says “God’s timing is best. All of my plans have been changed by God. This gives me assurance to always wait on Him.” Throughout these past few years, Jackson has been faithful.  Faithful in taking care of his family, faithful to follow God’s call in his life, and faithful to do the best work he can do for God’s kingdom regardless of where he is located.


Wesley College Head of Theology Bonface Wanyama has followed Jackson’s journey closely and continues to work with him at City Center Church.  He says:


“Jackson’s testimony is a reflection of what education is able to do in the life of young people in Tanzania.  Many young people come to Wesley College with no clear career goals, but have been able to discover their potential and live beyond the obvious! This makes us who are educators at Wesley College confident and proud of the work that God has put on our shoulders and allowed us to do.”

You can watch and listen to Jackson's story, recorded when he was a new student at Wesley College. Watch the 2 minute video, below, to learn why Jackson said, "Wesley College raises hope." 

When you support Wesley College, you help form more servant leaders like Jackson. Learn more here.

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