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Mwita Mohammed

communications technology


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Mwita grew up in Mwanza and attended The Institute of Financial Management in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, he taught at both the secondary and college level. Hired at Wesley College in fall 2019, he is teaching Communication Technology courses, and he will soon step into additional roles as Exam Officer and Admission Officer. Here are some excerpts from our interview with Mwita:

why mwita thinks wesley college is important:

Wesley College is important because it is a God-centered college. It helps train the youth of Tanzania to know God -- something I’ve never seen at the other places where I’ve taught. This is unique in Tanzania. Other colleges just don’t do this. It’s the culture here, every day students are praying and holding chapel. Employees at Wesley College help each other, teachers help the students, and it’s a great environment. I’ve never seen this before.

what's most challenging at the college?

Students at Wesley College have a need in their hearts to learn and to help other people in this world. They are very grateful for the opportunity to study. But there can be a big problem getting enough money for school fees. So many students come from families with poor financial positions.


So, students themselves are ready, their mentality is high, and they are good in class. Also, they believe in God and that helps them to keep moving. But a lot of problems come to them because of their family situations.

why should people in the u.s. support the college?

Anytime you start a business, you don’t expect to grow quickly, without needing help. We are in a growth state now, and we need investment.  When you make an investment, you don’t expect to get that investment back right away.  If we do each and everything right here, we will be in a position to bring in many new students.  Wesley College will grow faster than any other college in Tanzania. Then, we will not depend on people in the United States. But we are still in growth mode now; later we will be able to stand alone.

Invest in Wesley College and help us grow

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