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Posted below, you will find news from Wesley College. We hope that you will visit this page often, to stay connected to Mwanza, Tanzania -- our students, faculty, and partners.

An Inspiring Legacy of Bill Buchanan at Wesley College

Posted in the July 2023 Newsletter

As you have heard, our beloved colleague, clergy, teacher, friend, and my father-in-law,- Rev. Dr. Bill Buchanan- passed away earlier this summer. I want to take some time to show the great impact "Brother Bill" made specifically to Wesley College through his time, energy, and support.

Brother Bill's time and energy spent with Wesley College started from the beginning in 2017. Wesley College's first program was theology and Bill's skill set of leading others- specifically pastors- was essential to the start of the program.

Bill understood Wesley College's focus on students' worldviews. He helped shape our formational process that desires our students to center who they are with whom they are relationally connected.

And while this sometimes becomes overshadowed by important skill acquisition, Bill understood the importance of forming a worldview that would then direct how those new skills were used. Bill taught this opening class and it represented a pivotal movement that shaped how faculty, staff, and students approached their work then and that has continued until now.

"I saw in him a person that was passionate about spiritual formation. He taught spiritual formation from the heart and not from the books. I still envy the man to-date. He made very difficult spiritual concepts look very easy and real."

- Rev. Bonface Wanyama

Head of Theology Department, Wesley College

Bill's love of people, culture, and nature shined through on his trips to Tanzania and to the college. Bill lead two mission trips to Tanzania: one in 2011 to Angel House and one in 2017 for the opening of the college.

Bill cared deeply for Tanzanians and wanted to share his love and experiences with others. His love of the people extended from small children at Angel House- an orphanage and school- all the way to pastors and professors at Wesley College.

Bill quickly moved his time, energy, and support to leadership and mentorship at the Foundation. He was a founding member of the Foundation and went on to be the Vice-President of our Board.

Bill has lead fearlessly to share ideas to grow the college, improve instruction, and foster relationships.

Through Bill, resources have gone to support the mission and people of Wesley College, impacting students and echoing in the work and ministry they are now doing in the church and community.

Brother Bill's legacy has greatly blessed this world and Wesley College. May we all emulate the devotion, love, compassion, support, and instruction that Rev. Dr. Bill Buchanan gave to us.

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