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Wesley College focuses on students who have missed out on the traditional paths to learning. Many have not even completed secondary school due to economic hardship and the need to support their families. Although Wesley College costs are low, they are well beyond reach of many prospective students.

In fact, many of our students come from households where total income is less than $75 per month.


This is where you come in. Here's how your gift to the Wesley College scholarship fund will change lives:

$50        Supports one student for a month in college housing

$100       Provides a month's worth of meals

$500       A full year of housing for one student

$2,000    A year's tuition to form one servant leader.

Make your scholarship donation here. 

Here is what two scholarship recipients have to say: 

  “Wesley College has taken me from fearing even basic education

      courses to believing I can complete a college education.

                     --Eunis Maganga, Theology student


   "This education will help me to know myself and my strengths

better so I do not become dependent on others, as I used to be.”

                    -- Dinna Sylvester, Theology student

Support more students like Eunis and Dinna.

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