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Inaugural Report 2023

In 2017 Wesley College opened its doors to the first class of 20 students. It has since grown to over 200 students enrolled every year. That represents at 1,000% growth in 6 years! The vision of Wesley College has always been to be the spark that lights thousands of fires, spreading light, hope, and transformation in churches and communities all over Tanzania. The Inaugural Report for Wesley College Foundation works to highlight the many individuals who have made our mission possible and also look at the many sparks that have been lit in Tanzania since 2017. 


Thank you to everyone who has supported Wesley College and to the many staff, students, and volunteers working hard over the last six years to move this vision into reality. We hope you enjoy this small glimpse of what you and Wesley College Foundation have accomplished and consider sharing about this amazing work with others. The full report in PDF can be seen HERE  with a list of all donors to show our heartfelt gratitude.

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Our first graduating class in 2018 went on to start new ministries and plant churches in their communities. From there, our second graduating class in 2019 moved on to start small businesses and pursue even higher levels of education. It was in those early years that we saw the sparks and small flames fanning forth across Tanzania, spreading hope and elevating those around them to greater heights.

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In the intervening years, Wesley College has continued to thrive, growing even through a global pandemic as a small startup. You have provided access to higher education that is both practical and entrepreneurial to many students. Graduates are becoming leaders in their communities who solve problems, know how to mobilize resources, and have found their own purpose and calling.

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Wesley College Foundation is proud to support Wesley College in Mwanza, Tanzania and excited to see how the global village can become part of the success of these young men and women. Students and alumni at Wesley College are aware that they have been given a gift, and are excited to be able to pass on the blessing that they have received from the many hands surrounding them and lifting them up.


Thank you to the many who have supported Wesley College’s staff and students as they continue to be the spark for change across Tanzania.


To read the full Inaugural Report- please click here.

Grace and Peace,


Eric Soard

Executive Director, Wesley College Foundation

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