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albart maganga

science instructor

Albart Maganga photo.jpg

"I'm treating the community with my role here, and I love it."

Wesley College science teacher Albart Maganga had wanted to be doctor. He was selected for the university and began studying. However, two months into the program, he learned that he had not been approved for a loan.  Since his family could not afford his tuition, he was forced to withdraw. For the next year Albart took a temporary teaching job at a Mwanza secondary school, before applying again for university studies.

In 2012 Albart was not only admitted to the Mineral Sources Institute in the capital city, Dodoma, but he received full sponsorship for the fees. He completed his diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management in Mines and returned to Mwanza in 2015. He has also completed shorter-term programs in guidance and counseling, project management, and IT. In addition, Albart began learning the skill of tailoring from his father as a boy, and he continues to practice this trade today.

When Albart graduated from university, jobs in environmental engineering were sparse. He decided to return to teaching, joining the Wesley College faculty in 2017. Although it wasn’t the career he planned for, he says now that he loves it. He reflects on his original career plan: “My goal was to be a doctor, as I wanted to save the community. Now that I am a teacher, I see that a teacher is very much the same. I’m treating the community with my role here, and I love it.”

Albart is particularly inspired to work at a faith-based institution. “Here, I can serve the community and also fulfill my needs in a spiritual way. You can work many places without your heart engaged. But, there are many things happening here in this institution because we believe in God.” When Albart heard that Wesley College was starting City Center church at the college in spring 2018, he stepped up to become involved.

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