how your gift helps

If you are like most people, you probably want to be part of something bigger than yourself. It's likely that one of your personal goals is to expand your impact. When you invest in Wesley College, you are doing exactly that.


As we educate a new generation of servant leaders for Tanzania, we know that our impact goes way beyond each of these students' personal lives.  Every one of them has 30 to 40 years ahead to do community work. Each one will impact hundreds or thousands more.If you want to make an amazing difference in the world, supporting Wesley College is a great way to start.

what your gift can do

Honestly, your money goes far in Tanzania. Annual tuition costs $500. A full year of support,  for one student, totals $2,000 for tuition, housing and all expenses. Here are some more examples of how your gift can empower students and create a new generation of servant leaders.

$20/month can support a student's living costs in our College dormitory

$42/month equals the tuition costs for one student

$70/month ($840 over the year) covers one month of a faculty member's salary

You can help Wesley College most by committing to a monthly gift. Setting up a faithful, recurring gift -- at any level -- is easy through your bank, through the Advance of the United Methodist Church, or by credit card on our website.


Most importantly, your trust in us allows us to go forward in confidence, providing innovative education to students who would otherwise never receive it. 

Here is why Albart Maganga, Wesley College Science Instructor,  believes you should donate:

“In Tanzania, we have so many people in the streets who

never complete their studies. This is due to difficulties at home,

like poverty and early marriage.  I hope people will support

Wesley College because the people we train here could be the

ones who save the community. Wesley College could be the

savior of the community.”


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Albart Maganga