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bhoke mwita

college secretary

"I just want to say thank-you."

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Bhoke Mwita grew up in in a small town near Tarime, Tanzania. Her mother had died when she was two years old, and her father when she was nine. At age 11 she was living with her grandmother and studying at primary school. Then, people who were starting the nearby Angel Orphanage came to visit her class. After learning about the opportunity there, Bhoke moved in as one of the first children to be served, in 2005. Through this move to Angel House, Bhoke was launched forward to new opportunities.


When she graduated from secondary school, the orphanage offered to support her in further studies. Bhoke chose secretarial school in Mwanza. After completing a year-long course, she returned to Angel Orphanage and practiced her new skills as a volunteer for one year. But she really wanted to pursue more education. Through more generous sponsor support, she was able to return to Mwanza and completed a two-year diploma in more advanced secretarial studies. In January 2018, she was hired at Wesley College. “And I am so thankful to be here,” Bhoke says. 

When Bhoke looks toward the future, she sees bigger and bigger changes for both Wesley College and herself.  She has seen herself improve in many ways since starting her job. She knows she is expected to work hard. She envisions the day when Wesley College will be a very big university, and she wants to be part of it as it continues growing and growing. 

Mostly, Bhoke is thankful. “First of all, I thank God for bringing Eric Soard to Tanzania to help education.” She is also thankful for being here and having the opportunity to work with so many staff and students – and all of the good relationships. In particular, she believes that in order to spread the word of God in Tanzania, more pastors are needed.  Because  many theology students come from poor areas,  she is particularly appreciative of those who have sponsored these students.

Since starting at Wesley College, Bhoke has seen her life change, and she knows it will continue to change. She is excited about gaining more experience, because “I will be able to help more people.”

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