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dianarose evance

deputy principal of finance

"As the college is growing, I see myself growing here, too."

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Dianarose Evance joined Wesley College in March 2017, shortly after the college was founded. She was hired as part-time bookkeeper and transitioned to full-time in a matter of months. Already, Dianarose has been promoted to Accountant and then to Deputy Principal of Finance, her current position. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in accounting from St. Augustine University in Mwanza. In late 2017 she passed the exams to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Dianarose was born in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and spent her primary school years in Arusha, which borders Serengeti National Park. Then, she moved with her parents to Dar es Salaam – the largest city in Tanzania – for high school. After living in Mwanza for the four years of university studies, she was determined to stay in Mwanza after graduation, a city she grew to love.  She enjoys the weather and the pace of life. She is delighted to be able to support herself in Mwanza by working at Wesley College. And she is proud to be part of the mission.

“Wesley College can take anyone from any level and help them get where they want to go. Even if he or she is older -- and has no other options through other schools -- they can come here and go all of the way to a degree.”

She speaks glowingly of her experience working here. “This is a very good experience for me. As the college is growing, I see myself growing here, too. Here I am applying everything and implementing everything I learned. And I am still learning a lot.”

Because she works in College finances, Dianarose finds herself thinking about money all of the time:

“I know from my job that the biggest challenge for Wesley College is money. We have no other problems and issues, it all comes down to finances.  I see students wanting to come to the theology department, and we need scholarships for all students at the right time, when they need them. Pastors in the Lake Zone of Tanzania are very few. We want to spread the word of God through training pastors and make them good ambassadors of our church.”

In closing, Dianarose told us: “Apart from education for betterment of the community, Wesley is improving people’s lives. Like me, they can help other people like me. Now that I have this job, I can help the younger children in my family and my parents.”

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