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Rev bonface wayama

Head of theology department

"This is God's own project."

Bonaface Wayama photo.jpg

Reverend Bonface Wanyama, Head of the Theology Department at Wesley College, grew up in a small village in Kenya. The saddest moment of his life came at the age of 12, when both of his parents died of HIV-AIDS. He first lived with relatives, and then he was adopted by a United Methodist pastor and later moved to Nairobi.

Reverend Wanyama had grown up Roman Catholic, but his adoptive father greatly influenced his faith journey. He first became active in the church as a youth leader. Then, he began preaching. Ultimately, he traveled to Zimbabwe for divinity training. When he returned to Nairobi after graduation and met United Methodist missionary Eric Soard, he learned about the Tanzanian church’s vision for Wesley College. He told Eric, “I’ll come whenever you’re ready.” He’s been part of the college since the first day.

Reverend Wanyama has a multi-faceted role at the College. He supervises teachers in the theology department and makes sure that they have the resources they need. He connects students with advisors and he also advises and teaches students himself. 

Reverend Wanyama is inspired to be here. “I can confidently say that Wesley College is one of the best things that ever happened to the church here. This is God’s own project.”

But that doesn’t mean that the work has been easy. He recognizes that the educational level is lower in this area than in other countries of the region, and students need more help academically. “We are investing a lot into the students, but it is not just for them. We are here to serve the community. Education cannot be for yourself, but if you can use education to do something, it becomes relevant.”


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