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tony adams

it specialist

Tony Adams photo.jpg

"I want Wesley College to develop those who can help others."

Tony Adams has served as IT Specialist at Wesley College since its beginning in 2017. He comes to the College with a diploma in Information Communication Technology and experience working as a freelance consultant. His first assignment at Wesley College was teaching theology students how to use digital devices and the internet.  Now, he oversees all technology equipment and usage. He is passionate about finding ways for students and staff to become more efficient and effective. 

Tony on Wesley College:

“My job is to study technology and make it more understandable and usable to other people. What I really want for Wesley College is for it to be unique – in the type of education, the curriculum used, and how they train and mentor students. We need to make our graduates more competent. They need to be prepared not just to become employed but to employ themselves. I want Wesley College to develop those who can help others and can make the community stronger.

“Everything we do at Wesley College is practical. When we teach graphic design, we teach how to use those skills to become employed and to make money. Right now, there are many university graduates on the streets. In reality, the job market here is really bad. There are not enough jobs so graduates are forced to be entrepreneurs. But nothing about their studies taught them to do this.”

Tony emphasizes that he wants Wesley College to be different, in terms of the quality of education that is being provided. And, he sees IT as playing a major role in how to do that. “My job is to understand what has been developed abroad and explain it, so the learning process can be simple.”

For now, Tony is committed to the mission at Wesley College. Sometime in the future, he hopes to pursue more education in software engineering or computer science. Ultimately, he would like to create software to help solve societal problems. He sees himself building his own business to help hospitals, schools, and colleges. “One of my goals is to use my expertise to solve problems, to make life more simple, and to help people get things done easier.”

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