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moving in faith

Harambe in Swahili means ‘coming together.’  It is a community action in Tanzania that shows a reliance on neighbor, friend, and family in order to be able to accomplish a common goal. Harambe, on May 7th, will be the Wesley College Foundation family’s chance to act together and show our faith in what God is doing in Tanzania through Wesley College.

Tuesday, May 7th is our on-line giving day where we get to all come together to raise 10 scholarships for students at Wesley College. There is currently a $25,000 match that is being offered. If we can succeed in matching the $25,000 and raise $50,000 between now and May 7th we will see 10 more lives in Tanzania transformed much like Lilian Simon’s was.

















This year we have an extra incentive for those wanting to get involved themselves and encourage others to join in. Anyone can participate in our Harambe Hero program and the person who raises the most money from others (over and above $1,000) will win a trip to Tanzania to visit Wesley College. Contact Brady Banks at to learn how you can join the team.

Be a Harambe hERO


When Lilian’s father passed away in 2019 she thought her chance at an education passed high school was over. Receiving a scholarship to Wesley College revived her dream. What she has learned about entrepreneurship has allowed her to help support her family while in college. Her studying of community development and lived experience at Wesley College of watching others live out their faith based values has left her wanting to help other single mother’s just like hers once she graduates from Wesley College. Hear more of Lilian's story HERE. Harambe relies on the idea that many people coming together can accomplish a task that would be impossible for any one of us.

Being Lifted Up In Faith: Lilian's Story
The power of your gift

$1,000 provides housing for a year

$500 provides housing for a semester

$250 provides tuition for a month

$100 provides food for a month

Join us on Tuesday, May 7th, to celebrate Wesley College Foundation's Harambe Day and be part of transforming lives and equipping them to create thriving communities.

Hear more about Harambe from Eric
Harambe 2024 intro
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Lilian Overcame to attend wesley...
and is now finding ways to support her family
Lilian Simon Harambe 2024 v. 2
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