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Posted below, you will find news from Wesley College. We hope that you will visit this page often, to stay connected to Mwanza, Tanzania -- our students, faculty, and partners.


Originally Shared on February 27, 2022

Wesley  College exists to form servant leaders for the church and community.   Since our first graduation ceremony in 2019, we have seen passionate,  faith-driven young people launched into new futures. Graduates have  learned not just professional skills, but an entrepreneurial worldview.   This directs them to look for challenges in their communities and ways  to contribute to new, innovative solutions.

When  a student becomes a graduate, many things change. The impact extends  well beyond each one's personal life. Within a 30 to 40 year career,  each graduate will impact hundreds or thousands more, as the ripples of  their service to others spreads.. Here are the stories of three new servant leaders


Called to do more.

Less than two years out of college, Anna is already wearing many hats.


God's timing is best.

One great opportunity lost, one great passion found.


Taking the call to service seriously.

Mostly, Dinna wants to love her neighbors anyway that she can

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