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Adult education 

program overview

A core objective of Wesley College is to provide a path to higher education for non-traditional students. In Tanzania, although most children currently attend primary school, access to secondary school is far more limited. Many never attend secondary school and others need to withdraw due to financial constraints on their families.


Then, even when students do remain in school, the education is often inadequate. Too many high schools do not provide adequate preparation for students to take the all-important ‘school leaving exam.’ Being ill-prepared has significant repercussions for students, as the exam cannot be retaken by those who fail.


Consequently, Wesley College’s Adult Education Department plays an essential role in our mission. We provide an accelerated format with a full teaching staff, allowing students to complete four years of high school in two years. Most students who enroll are in their 20s and 30s, with some out of school for as many as 15 years. Nearly all of them have dreams of continuing on with college education. Completing our Adult Education program opens these doors.


Intensive English language education is also a key component of our Adult Education Program. English skills are essential for young people to advance in modern-day Tanzania, and those who did not attend high school are disadvantaged. Since most post-secondary education is delivered in English, our Adult Education coursework involves practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English.  


one student's story

Gilbert was an extremely motivated student, but when his parents became very ill he was no longer able to pay school fees. Without a high school education, he was still able to find ways to support himself, and he even became a leader in his local church. However, he thought his dreams of a higher education had died long ago.


Now, he is completing his secondary education as one of our top students. He brings a great heart to Wesley College and an inner drive that is contagious to other students.  As he completes the Adult Education program and prepares to pursue further education, he contributes his significant musical skills in worship. We are inspired by Gilbert and look forward to seeing how God uses him in the next phase of his life.

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