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Community Development

A program Overview

Launched in January 2018, the Community Development program at Wesley College focuses on four areas of learning:  Organizational Leadership, Project Planning and Management, Human Rights and Advocacy, and overall Community Development preparation.

Currently, we offer a one-year certificate degree, with hopes to add additional options addressing a wider range of community issues as we grow. In addition to formal academic studies, students are given opportunities to participate in research, consultancies, and advisory- services to the community. This approach is aligned with Wesley College's overall emphasis on hands-on, forward-moving education.

Along with learning up-to-date theory in community development, the practical assignments help students develop specific skill sets they will need in their careers.  Each one is equipped to either join the workforce or seek further study in these areas. We look forward to adding a diploma-level, two-year degree program to further prepare students in this important field.

Here is what one Community Development student, Abel, has to say:


“Wesley College helps students to be independent, to think past a college education, and to identify your goals and how to achieve them. The environment helps students understand the importance of faith and a spiritual life. This will help students be a good example for the community after they leave school. God willing, I want to start my own NGO to help the community with their many challenges.”

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